Are floating shelves still in style?

Are floating shelves still in style?

Floating shelves have been a popular home decor trend for several years – and with good reason! 

They offer a cost-effective way to add extra storage and style to any room in your home.  

This article will explore how you can style floating shelves to fit any room and what factors make them a fashionable choice. 

Factors That Make Floating Shelves Still Fashionable


Factors That Make Floating Shelves Still Fashionable

Here are a few factors that keep floating shelves in style:

  • They Come in a Variety of Styles: Whether you want something modern and sleek or rustic and farmhouse-inspired, there's a floating shelf style that fits your taste.
  • They're Versatile: You can use floating shelves for more than just displaying décor items. They can also be used as functional storage solutions in areas like the kitchen or bathroom. 
  • They're Easy to Install: Most floating shelving units have all the necessary hardware and instructions, so they are relatively easy to install, even if you have little DIY experience. 

So if you're looking for an easy and stylish way to spruce up your home décor, installing floating shelves is the way to go! 

How do you organize and style them to make them look good in each room? 

How To Style Floating Shelves For Each Room

Here are some simple tips for styling your floating shelves:

1. Kitchen

Use modern floating shelves to store and organize cookbooks, spices, and other kitchen essentials. You can also use them to display cute dishware or show off your collection of vintage copper pots. 

For an attractive and practical display, you can also fill the shelves with pretty glass jars filled with dried beans or pasta. 

2. Bathroom

A single shelf above the toilet is a great place to store extra toilet paper rolls, towels, or cleaning supplies.  

Or, add two small shelves on either side of the mirror for a spot to put your toothbrush, razor, and other bathroom essentials.

3. Living Room

Modern living room shelves are a wonderful way to display photos, art, and other decor items. To keep things looking tidy, try grouping items by color or theme. 

And feel free to mix and match different styles of shelves to create an eclectic look.

4. Bedroom

Keep it simple with one or two small floating bedroom wall shelves for holding a reading lamp, alarm clock, or framed photos. 

No matter what you choose to store on your floating shelves, make sure it's neat and organized.  

Cluttered shelves can make a kitchen look messy, so take the time to arrange everything neatly. Floating shelves can be an attractive and useful addition to any kitchen with the proper setup.

Are Floating Shelves Out Of Style?

Floating shelves are a timeless home decor trend that will remain popular in the years to come!  

You can create an eye-catching, functional, and stylish display with the right materials, installation methods, and styling tips.  

So what are you waiting for?  

Transform your home into something special with some stylish floating shelves!