How To Install Floating Shelves In 6 Easy Steps

How To Install Floating Shelves In 6 Easy Steps

Want to spruce up an empty wall in your apartment or house without breaking the bank? 

Attaching floating shelves to an empty wall might be what you need. 

But before you start installing them, there are a few things you need to know to make sure they're installed safely.

This article will look at how to install floating shelves with shelving safety in mind.

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How To Install Floating Shelves In 6 Simple Steps 

Installing floating shelves is a challenging task, but it is a very rewarding one. 

Here are 6 quick steps you can follow to install floating shelves: 

  • Make sure you have the right tools: Make sure you have the right wall plugs and brackets for your floating shelf.
  • Look for pipes and electrical cables: An important step of shelving safety. Using a digital detector will help you avoid drilling into important pipes or cables.
  • Measure twice, drill once: Hold the floating shelf where you want to place it on your wall. Make sure it's level, and use a pencil to mark where you need to drill the holes. 
  • Drill the holes: Drill a hole in the center of each pencil mark you made in the step before. This step might differ depending on the wall material you are working with. 
  • Fix your brackets: You might need to safely tap wall anchors in with a hammer or screw in bars and add a washer before screwing on the bracket. 
  • Secure the shelf: The final step is attaching the floating shelves to the brackets you installed. Sometimes shelves will have extra hardware to add shelf security. 

But before you start drilling and making holes, you need to keep some safety factors in mind.

6 Safety Tips When Installing Floating Shelves

Here are 6 safety tips to keep in mind when you install floating shelves:

  1. Ensure that the wall you're attaching floatings shelves is sturdy enough to support them. 
  2. Use screws that are long enough to go through both the thickness of the shelf and the wall material and then into a stud if possible.
  3. Make sure the brackets are level and properly anchored into studs in the wall to give the shelf extra support.
  4. Use L-brackets rather than single brackets for added stability.
  5. Avoid putting heavy objects on floating shelves.
  6. Use wall anchors if you can't find studs in your walls to give the bracket additional support.

Tip: Always make sure to read the manual that comes with your floating shelves for any additional instructions. 

Enjoy The Simple Elegance Of Floating Shelves

Knowing how to install floating shelves is a step toward having tidy and beautiful storage. 

Before installing a floating shelf in your home, make sure you have purchased it from a reliable supplier. 

Peter’s Goods provides all their customers with high-quality floating shelves, that are easy to install and ultra-durable. 

Each purchase comes with simple instructions on how to install floating shelves, making it easy for any DIYer to accomplish.